We’ve been in this industry for the past decade. With this experience, we’re certain that our company has both the ability and capacity to provide all types of decking and fencing needs. Be it panel, feather edge or garden fencing. We have a team of experts who can tailor all these types of fences to either your commercial or residential needs. All you need to do is tell us what you want and will help conceptualize all your ideas. Your garden walls will always be the focal point whether you’re in or out of your compound. Remember, this is the dream of every homeowner.

But what do we mean by a quality fencing or garden walls?

For our company a good garden fence/ garden wall must meet the following criteria:

Long lasting and come with low cost of maintenance; the life span of the fence will solely depend on the material the fence has been constructed from. Remember, fences are exposed to some of the extreme weather conditions besides being mishandled by intruders. Therefore, our primary role is to establish the kind of environment the fence will be exposed to. A fence which has been constructed with quality material will definitely come with low maintenance cost.

Security and aesthetic value; a beautiful fence will be appealing to the eye, but, in addition to this it must also provide enough security against the intruders. The very first question should always be why you have to put up the fence; is it for protection purposes? Privacy can also be factored in at this point. Choose a good design which blends well with your compound.

What about the cost? Is it affordable? As a matter of fact, most durable, beautiful and good fencing process will always come with a slightly higher cost. This should not make you shy away from fencing your home. We provide affordable fencing services for all our customers. But why must you compromise quality at the expense of spending some little pennies?

What about a quality decking process that we offer? Is it worth spending some pennies?

Garden decking can give your home a fantastic look and hence adding value to the either the residential and commercial house. There are very many types of decking with composite decking gaining popularity due to the low-maintenance cost which they comes with as compared to wood.

There are quite a number of factors that we emphasize on:

Options available; scrutinize all the options available to choose one which blends well with your home. This should also go hand in hand with the amount of money you’re likely to spend for the decking process.

Where do you plan to install the decks? Are they going to be exposed to either in a hot or a wet environment? Obviously, they are also exposed to harsh environment. This will also depend on the type of material they are made of.

The terms; fencing-decking-garden-walls go hand in hand. In fact, all the essential parameters which must be analyzed while installing fences must also be analyzed during the decking process. It is a complex process which requires professionals who are really passionate about fencing and decking. Hartley fencing is always there for all your fencing and decking needs.

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